Digital and social media

Get social or get lost!

If you’re not ‘talking digital’ as part of your communications strategy you’re in danger of losing key audience share to your competition.

You need engaging content that builds a relevant, consistent story and targets your messages to key influencers.

But how do your carve your own niche in this challenging and cluttered space? Social media is a conversation, a sharing of ideas and opinions within a community. It’s about giving without always expecting a direct return. We work with our clients to establish the most appropriate social media platform and strategies to identify content and creative direction, tone of voice, responsible guidelines and promotions to build audience share, engagement and likeability.

We advise you on the best social and digital media channels for your company or organisation and help you manage and measure them to maximize the impact of your communication actions.

Linking with your media relations, we can advise you about building and operating a Digital News Room within your website.

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