Creating engaging content

It’s not always easy being noticed, especially for the right reasons. Almost anything can be a communications platform and you have just seconds to connect with your audience. Of course, what is engaging one audience makes a perfect fish and chips wrapper to another. Bombarded as we are with so many messages across almost infinite mediums, we’ve developed selective hearing. On the flip side, engaging content is like wildfire – once the spark’s ignited it spreads, gathering momentum.

To find the spark and stand out from the crowd you need a unique point of difference, a compelling story or message. Something that will ignite your audience’s interest. You can’t meaningfully engage your audience without being relevant to their rational or emotional needs. To be heard you have to turn up the volume and speak their language in the right environment at the right time. And then you need to encourage them to share.

We work with our clients to find their spark.

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