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Making a point!

Want to engage your audience and build your brand reputation?

Creating, building and marketing a destination, business, event or product is a little like life’s journey. We all develop a personality based on our DNA and our experience. We project an image that tells a story.

Does your brand tell the right story and who are you taking with you, on the journey?

To connect with your audience and stand out, in a world already full of competing messages, your point has to be more relevant, more interesting, and more appealing than your competition – otherwise, well, there is no point.

As your strategic project partner our work transcends borders. We design and deliver multi-faceted destination and international development projects and create campaigns that engage and drive actions.
As your strategic communications partner, we can help you protect, enhance and build your brand reputation. We’ll work with you to craft the right message, create a compelling story and communicate it in a tone and language that your audience understands.



Creating memorable events

Events provide an opportunity to inspire. To be talked about. To be experiential. The chance to immerse your audiences in your brand on every level. To connect with them, build

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Working with the media

We know what makes a good story and how to pitch it. There’s more to media relations than getting an article published in a newspaper or magazine or a run

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Getting social

Get social or get lost! If you’re not ‘talking digital’ as part of your communications strategy you’re in danger of losing key audience share to your competition. You need engaging

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Engineering the World’s Fastest Solar Race Cars

Light Speed is the most in-depth, behind the scenes look at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge yet. It is presented by Derek Muller of Veritasium.
Check out the first episode of this YouTube Original Series.

Live cross Chris Selwood

Charging the future – powering change

2019 will be the fifth time we’ve taken on the challenge of promoting the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge and it’s a privilege to tell the stories of a generation looking for a sustainable way to travel that is not at the expense of the planet.

Dubrovnik cruise ships

Overtourism – a growing concern for the travel industry

Fuelled by a rising middle class in Asia and cheaper travel, tourism has been booming in many parts of the world. This growth is coming at a cost, infrastructure is struggling and there is a backlash from some local communities.